Team games is one of those games that grabs the viewer’s attention thanks to the tension on the court. Team games are among the most popular. Such games as basketball or hockey are growing every year, and the national teams can boast a considerable number of followers and avid fans.

These sports are interesting because spectators are fueled by bookmakers offering various types of bets on matches. Let’s take a closer look at how to place rates correctly, types of bets, how to act for a debutante on the sweepstakes and on which platform it is profitable to make a bet.

A brief history of teams sports

Team games is a form of physical activity that is popular among both amateurs and professionals. The following disciplines fall into the nomination “team sport”:

  • Football. The most popular team sport in the world. Billions are ready to watch how 22 millionaires run across the field for a ball.
  • Football ranks first in the entertainment industry. Football is a professional, amateur and cheerleader event.
  • Ice hockey (with a ball on the field – summer version). One of the most popular team events in the world. At the amateur level, football remains the No.1 game. Basketball. It is the most popular game in the world after football.
  • American football (or rugby as an alternative) is the most popular sport in America, Australia, and many Western countries. In the USA it is the most popular sport due to its high development and lack of a strong football league.
  • Volleyball. An Olympic event that enjoys average popularity across the planet. Volleyball is a sport with great geography, but mediocre popularity. It is an Olympic game.
  • Handball. “Manual” analogue of football with lower ratings. One of the most popular summer sports in the world.
  • Curling. A relatively young game that is just beginning to gain popularity. In some countries it has low popularity due to the low development of curling and the lack of interest in this game among the majority of the population.

How to bet on team sport?

The same types of bets are used as for other sports. But each game has its own characteristics, which determine the popularity of specific combinations and strategies on the sweepstakes. So, fans occasionally enter into disputes over the outcome of the game, because it is practically difficult to predict when equal opponents meet, and it is unprofitable to bet not a favorite because of the low coefficient.
Bookmakers offer bets on the result of the entire tournament or a separate combination, but most often the odds for the winning of the leading team are low and do not benefit the bettor.
Handicap and total rates are much more popular among fans. In the first case, the point is to name the difference in points earned by the teams, that is, the advantage of one team or the lag of the other. Handicap in gambling is offered both for individual combinations and for the tournament as a whole. In the second case, a rate is meant on a specific number of points based on the outcome of the entire match, one set, or individually for a player. The main thing is that the named number differs from the indicator offered by the bookmaker.
Total and handicap are the main rates for sport: they are versatile and easy to analyze. However, besides these, there are a number of other markets in betting:

Betting on the result
It is very difficult to predict the exact score in team sports. When a match is played between teams of different classes and skill levels, the ratio is too low at the expense of the game three to one. Therefore, some experienced gamblers avoid this type of rate without risking a loss.

Balance bet
This type of rate involves betting on an equal account. Games with such an outcome are rare, so bets on the balance are usually made in live mode – closer to the end of the game it is easier to predict a possible draw.

Statistical rate
This type of bet is suitable for those who have supported only one team for a long time. Based on the statistics of the team’s victories and defeats, other important indicators, bets are additionally made on the number of outs, innings through, etc. This often happens when watching a video broadcast of a match, if the bookmaker offers a good list of statistics live. However, due to low demand, bookmakers often do not offer statistical rates on the line. Occasionally something like this (screenshot below) appears in real time (Live).

Bet on an even or odd account
Even / odd betting is a kind of lottery. The parity of the account cannot be predicted by analyzing the situation on the site in live mode, and even more so in advance to guess. Therefore, agreeing to such a dispute, one can only hope for luck.

Long-term rates
The longest running rates are rates on large-scale sporting events, such as winning a major championship or league. Such disputes have one drawback: the gamble is made long before the calculation, and the player has to wait for the results longer than usual.

Betting Tips

As in any other sport, first of all, it is recommended to be as knowledgeable as possible not only in the specifics of sport itself, but also in the technique of the game, the peculiarities of individual teams.

srh vs pbks
Indian Premier League is one of the most famous and beloved events among bettors all over the world

On the one hand, rates on the outcome have a 50% passability threshold, which gives a much greater chance of winning. But on the other hand, you need to be careful when gambling on “total” and “handicap”, because everything is more difficult here.