Table tennis betting secrets

Table tennis is not a very popular sport in the bookmaker’s lines. However, ping-pong fell in love with players with short draws, and, accordingly, quick calculations of bets. There are few specialists who could analyze the match and always make the right decisions.
For a person who has never experienced this sport will be more difficult than betting on football or hockey. But table tennis betting has its own secrets that will help you make a profit without much sports knowledge.

Table tennis bet types

Bookmakers do not give a deep description of this sports discipline, especially when it comes to local Asian tournaments. The mural is limited to the following markets:

  • outcome (which athlete will be able to win);
  • the outcome of a single set;
  • handicap;
  • total (total of each set);
  • even / odd in the set;
  • the total number of parties.

At larger tournaments, bookmakers add more rare markets: “Who will win the first set?”, “Who will score five points first?”. For betting on this sport, you need to carefully choose a bookmaker, paying attention to the depth of the list. Most markets are in Asia.

Table tennis features

Table tennis has features that must be taken into account when making a bet. It is recommended that you study the nuances of the match in detail before you start betting. One of the highlights is the number of sets. Competition rules may vary, so one meeting can be held up to five games, another up to seven. If one of the sportsmen managed to immediately gain an advantage, the match will be over
If the meeting consists of three games, it is enough for a tennis player to score three points, but it is important to have a gap of at least two points: 3: 1, 3: 0. If the opponent does not lag behind (3: 2), then the game continues till there is an advantage in two points. The same principle holds true in seven-game meetings, sometimes it is enough to play 5 clean games to complete the confrontation.
It is a dynamic sport. On average, it takes up to ten seconds to play one serve, and about two minutes per game, but professional players can stretch the match for a long time. For instance, the longest match lasted almost 12 hours.

Other features:

  • there is no weather factor, since all meetings are held indoors;
  • often there are several meetings of the same competition at the same time, which complicates in live;
  • due to the large number of athletes in Asia, many tournaments are only partially covered (finals, semi-finals);
  • Sometimes a match is LIVE, you have to wait a long time, as matches are often postponed due to other meetings.

To correctly place a bet with the maximum chance of winning, you need to analyze the tournament, study the statistics and get acquainted with the performance of each athlete in the match of interest. Table tennis can be called one of the most “venal” disciplines, match-fixing is not uncommon.

Table Tennis Analysis

Bettors approach the analysis of meetings superficially, explaining this by the fact that the bookmaker has studied everything for a long time and laid the results in the odds. For many sports disciplines, this is true, but not for this sport. Before making decisions, bettors need to:

  1. find out how many games are provided for a particular fight;
  2. find out which hand the athletes are playing;
  3. find out how a tennis player plays on serves, how he takes other people’s blows and what tactics he adheres to.

Many tennis players, especially in seven-game tournaments, take a break after winning a certain number of games and deliberately lose a point to recover. This fact can play into the hands of bettors.


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